Endgame String Types

With the new rules on string diameter, I am at a standstill on what string to use, since most 1/8-inch thick strings are elastic and heavy and not ideal. I was wondering what string most people use.

I know quite a few teams who switched to paracord, My team currently is using 550 cord with a pneumatic nut on the end of it.

I am using 550 paracord also. Also, what pneumatic nut are you using? I could not find one on Vex’s website.

I don’t know if you can buy them separately, I think they come with the pneumatics.

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My team uses nylon cord and it works pretty well


This meets the spec for the smallest diameter.


Probably the massive nut that fits on the end of the pnumatic tanks

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Paracord has the outer jacket and nylon string on the inside. If you take out the middle nylon strings, is it still legal? If so that could cause for a much lighter alternative

see this official Q&A: Legal String Modifications and Sizes : Robot Events

To me, the paracord jacket seems to be legal, as it is the same diameter as before, just hollow. It’s measured when it isn’t stretched out, so technically while it would wrap up like ribbon, it would still be able to fit the dimensions when loose. However, on your bot, you would probably have it wound tight which would flatten it to an illegal diameter. So a little more risky but if legal very lucrative