Endgame System Ideas?

Hello, my team needs better ideas for an endgame system. We’ve tried everything, from winches to rubber band powered, however nothing seems to work. We would appreciate some better ideas for an endgame expansion, and how they work.


(also if you have a cad of it, it would be greatly appreciated if you could add it :slight_smile: )

Also, it would help others understand your situation if you explained what did not work with your winch solution? what was the rubber band power idea you had? where did fail to meet your expectations? Hard to give advice to your team about improving your robot if we know nothing about it.

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Sorry. At this point it is for your team to do more research to find solutions that work for your team, not for others to hand you solutions on a silver platter.

You should first figure out what you want the mechanism to do … for example cover a wide area of tiles. Then you need to determine what material you have on hand and are allowed to use, for example have 100 motors, but allowed only one for your solution. Then you have to determine with ideas that your team can make, this is the whole point of the rule that the robot reflects the ability of your team.

So research possibilities already describe on this forum and on YouTube. Then pick a path that fits your teams ability and available resources. Don’t forget to document in your engineering notebook your work. Test and practice helps a lot.

umm you can do what we did and add a arm that throws a wheel with string across the field. it has worked really well and it isnt a hard assembly. just make your arm closer to the ground and tie a long string two the wheel (we have two put together for more stabiltly)and then wrap the string around the wheel so as it rolls out, the string contacts all tiles that it rolls over.

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