Ending a program in python

how do you end a program completely in vex exp python because i want to end the program after the end button is pressed.

P.S. im pretty sure that quit() and sys.exit() which are the ones i found on the internet
dont work with VEX exp python

Please help quickly because project deadline is nearing.

Do you want to get out of a loop or stop autonyms? Do you want to just end or stop the entire program in general or just in driver/user control or autonyms?

We need to just end the entire program and quit.

It should be the .quit then, I’m not really sure I normally program my vex robot in C++, but I do have some knowledge of Python.

It’s not possible.


You wouldn’t do that through the program then. It would be through the robot and or the controller. You’ll just hit the power button on the controller/ hold it and that should work. You can do the same thing on the cortex as well. Let me know if this helps or if you have any more questions!