Ending position for autonomous

Well, one of our teams was working on some autonomous programming and this is how the robot was found at the end. I wonder if there might be some strategic advantage to this sort of position.

I’m personally not a huge fan of the autonomous low hang, but you managed to do it without touching the pole, which is impressive.

@puzzler7 what are the rules for leaving the feild? i cant find anything in the rulebook, but if you get out of the arena, is it legal?

Technically, the robot has not left the field as it is not touching the ground outside the perimeter.

Wait… is… no… does that count as a low hang?! Shurly notttt

That is actually a great idea (lol). We now have set things up on the other side. Low hang:
autonomous low hang.jpg
autonomous low hang 2.jpg

It’s actually not technically a low hang if you’re not touching the pole, but given that levitating robots aren’t too common, I’m sure the refs won’t be too familiar with that rule.

That is why we ran it on the other side and had the arms reach out. The two updated pictures show it touching the poll. It does not have to hang by the poll, but only touch the poll.

The reality is that this whole thing was accidental, and the team will not use it, but I do think it would look cool in a match so long as it does not fall off on the outside of the perimeter.

cough when the fields are raised at worlds and your low hang misses the pole and falls out of bounds*cough*

First we have to get there. Josiah is working on programming skills to try.