Energizer or Duracell

Which do u prefer, energizer or duracell?:smiley:

For Vex, neither… Ni-Cad will give you the needed Amps…

i know but just out of energizer and duracell, which do you prefer?

Neither, they are too expensive compared to other brands that don’t have Big Budget Advertising. Cheaper is better, I keep lots of spares.

I usually buy Panasonic or Rayovac at the Dollar Tree, 2 AA or 2 AAA for a Dollar (USD).

energizer has 2500maH batteries that are rechargable and will last a little longer than the vex ones but will take longer to charge unless you buy that special 15 min charger

Those sound fine… Are they AA type???

I use Duracell 2650 mAh with a 15 minute charger. They’re Ni-Mh.
Edit: I bought these batteries from Costco

Duracells are better, because Fire-Fighters use them!!!

They are also used by the U.S. Military…

so the commercial says, they could just be paid to say that!?

That is true… But I would think that if it was a Blatant Lie, that there would be some sort of legal action, and is this day-and-age of the Internet, everyone would be aware of that.

I have seen myself that the Standard D, C, AA and 9 Volt cells that are used in the U.S. Military are OD Green in color and say Duracell on them…

I like:cool: energizer because the bunny is the most powerful bunny iv’e seen

lol, i like the buuny too

yeah that bunny will go on and on

Energizer just because of the bunny:D

Durecell, they inspire me with the fact that they seemingly save millions of lives. At least, the commercials say so