Energy saving!

I collect three high-speed motor, in the circuit

2 motors - 1х1
2 motors - 3х1
2 motors - 2x1

I use two gears (Differential & Bevel Gear 228-4704) in one system.

The question is, when dialing the speed to conserve battery power, what is better, twist the motor 100% of the speed without load or put it on hold for a minor load? What will be the cost of consuming the battery?

The first option is to twist all 6 motors by 100%
Second, twist on two motor depending on the speed of the rest to hold.

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What is more economical to turn the engine 100% unloaded, or to hold with no heavy load?

Answered to my own questions all depends on the load on the motor. Rotation without load consumes minimal energy. Acceleration (start) and load that’s what consumes the charge. You can close the topic.