Engaging in gameplay in last 10s after accidental expansion prior to endgame

The game manual says:
Teams can prevent an accidental or momentary expansion from becoming a Major Violation
by immediately moving to rectify the Violation, and / or removing themselves from gameplay
(e.g., parking in a corner of the field without impacting gameplay for other Robots).

If a robot accidentally expands horizontally before endgame and sits on the side, can the robot get back into gameplay during the endgame?
I am wondering how this has been enforced by head refs in the tournaments that have happened so far.

Would the robot then be at risk of a major violation during the endgame period? I sugegt you re-read the rule and specifically why the robot would have to go to the “timeout” corner.

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One head ref apparently interprets the rule as sitting out until endgame, then the robot can get back into gameplay. To that head ref, the game manual does not explicitly say sitting for the remaining match.

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You only need to look at what you quoted

Once you have expanded before endgame, you are in violation of the horizontal expansion rule. The rule says you must stop playing the game and get out of the way. If you engage in gameplay, you enter Major Violation territory and subject to DQ.

I believe the interpretation by the head ref is incorrect - why would you reward the robot that is impeding the game at the expense of the other alliance? Best ask the Official Q&A if you want an official response.