Engine overheating and arm not working

Our engine is overheating and it is the day of the competition please give us some suggestions before 2:00 pm Alabama time.

We need a picture of your robot to help you.
Try gearing the lift down (big gear: little gear). It’ll go up/down slower, but it will work.

PS. “Engine”. Haven’t heard that before (its called a motor)… :upside_down_face:

Pfft, we call them “The Little Engines That Could” all the time :roll_eyes:


I got you fab, for our robot, the motors didn’t overheat but instead, the burned up and started smoking. The reason why is because even when your robot is on, the motors still are receiving power. A temporarily solution to this problem would be to cut back on robot usage and to rotate motors so the same motor isn’t the only one constantly overheating. A more permanent solution is to recode your robot by adding a touch sensor under the arm so when the arm colides with the ground, the motors don’t receive any power or you can use a code like when button pressed, rotate arm counterclockwise for 600* meaning when the arm reached 600 degrees then it will reduce power consumption. But I would still reduce robot usage.:grin:

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Instead of making fun of him why don’t you help him out

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Hey guys, Im doing this before this gets out of hand and saving the admins the trouble (lol) Make sure to THINK before you post. Foster might of been joking also. I hope you can figure this problem out! -Bas

T.H.I.N.K. Before You Post – Technology Pursuit


I’m waiting for a picture (I added the emphasis in the quote.) All “my robot does has this hardware issue” type posts need a picture of the robot. All the “this code doesn’t work” need the code to be posted. This article has been linked to a large number of times since I wrote it in 2020

Both @Gigahertz.t and I would be guessing in the dark, for the most case I’m not a fan of doing that.

I’m impressed that you figured out it’s a robot with an arm and that putting a stop button on it would work based on “Our engine is overheating”.

If I were to go out on a limb, I would have guessed that the robot was any of Byte, SuperLinq (Ben Lipper) or a standard clawbot. I seen about 50 teams build SuperLinq. A fix is to put rubber bands on the arm like found here for “Rise”

The rubber band adds some lift to the arm/basket/intake, and reduces the amount of torque needed. Byte has two motors, so won’t be the arm (unless they built a Byte with only one motor) and the claw bot isn’t that big and the elements are light. But in all these cases, a picture would point all of us in the right direction.

My comment was in response to @Gigahertz.t comment about “engines”. People have a habit of dissing the VEXIQ motors, but across a decade, they are the “Little Engines That CAN”

@LoachapokaElementary, if you still need help, we could still use a picture of the robot and telling us what motor is having the issue. If you solved it, can you post what the fix was, we always like to hear about success in fixing problems.


You could also try to do something

Switch the motors out after every match

Thank you all for the advice although we didn’t make it to our state comp, we still had a lot of fun this season! (P.S, we got 4th place but that is still so good.)


Great job this season! Even tho you did not make it, you still made 4th and the most important thing: Having fun! Congratulations and see you next you in the 2024-2025 Season!

Sorry to hear that you did not qualify! Nice job getting 4th, and see you next season!