Engine Stall?

We have a modified six bar that is pretty light(all aluminum). We have four motors plus 4 rubber bands at the base of the lift. ONLY the right side, would the motors stall after about 2 and a half lifts. I felt the motors after a very bad stall, and it was pretty warm. Also, when the motors where activated, it would continually rotate upwards to the full extended position. When we rotate it downwards via joystick, the motors would continually spin downwards until they burn out.

Could this be the gear ratios inside the DC motors?

We are using a power extender for the lift base motors.



Refer to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYo7G9txsQc&list=UUbKEWfpD5e2Ak9GTGFsUHsA


I thought it gave some good stuff about stalling motors.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrEfxDRlTLo&index=10&list=UUbKEWfpD5e2Ak9GTGFsUHsA)

Thanks! but it didn’t solve all the problems. Our right side of the robot still stalls even when lifting without a game object. We replaced the axles, cracked open the motors and adjusted them to high strength. Yet after one lift, the right motors still stall. I’m thinking we’re tripping the circuit breakers and the first lift is the power surge before we lift. Though, that is why we split the power between the power extender and the cortex.
Our motors aren’t skipping out, so there is not damage to the gears.

Do you mean that the motors don’t stop after you stop pressing on the joystick?

yes that is correct. we are in the process of switching to easyC to test that. I assume its just a coding error.

A. This is textbook motor stall.
B. You need to post your user control code so we can find the issue with your lift command.

Are you using a joystick for the lift or buttons? If you are using buttons it sounds like there is an else statement missing.

EasyC or RobotC?

What gear ratio are you using for the lift?