Engineering Binder for VRC

Hello anyone out there. Does VRC have specific requirements for teams to follow when developing our tech binder for competition. If so what are these requirements?
If not then what exactly does VRC expect us to include in our binder?

First, here is an example of a winning notebook.

Second, attached is the rubric that the notebook will be judged on.
vrc-design-award-rubric.pdf (583 KB)

You should use a bound notebook for your team engineering notebook in order to get 3 bonus points on the rubric.

Basically just keep the notebook centered around the design process, and put the rest of the stuff (like outreach) into your binder. And of course, make sure the notebook is bound. Like Robo_Eng_13 pointed out, there are great examples of award winning notebooks out there online, feel free to use them for inspiration.

Misread the original question - the Design Award Rubric spells out what is being looked for in the engineering notebook:
Design Award Rubric

Don’t use a binder! You get extra points for it being bound. Don’t make my mistake and end up rewriting literally three dozen pages of solid material because of failure to scan the rubric!

Or, if you feel that you can better present your content in a binder format, it can be worth while to sacrifice those three points to improve your score in other categories.