ENGINEERING Division Reveals

I thought starting this thread would help make scouting easier for everyone in the Engineering division.

Feel free to post reveal videos, share contact information, or just check out who will be in the Engineering Division this year.

Here is 569D’s reveal.
Murrieta, California, United States

We meet again, Engineering Division.

Here is 8800’s reveal:

1200F is ready for the ENGINEERING Division!

4 Motor 7:1 Torque Lift
6 Motor Turbo Drive

See you all at Worlds!

2382a REDemption Robotics (The Red robot)


6 motor turbo drive
4 motor 5:1 Torque lift
Pneumatic claw

See you at worlds!

PS: Stop by our booth to get free collectibles.

Here’s the link to our reveal video!

98807C gear breakers mini reveal. See you at worlds!

4610z Robot Revolution

4 motor speed drive
6 motor 1:5 speed lift
2 motor 1:5 torque claw

Hahaha in collaboration with us and 590, we pulled an all-nighter scouting EVERY team in the Engineering division as well as finding every reveal video. Thanks, I will be using this forum to help us as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, those capacities at that speed is seriously impressive. Good luck, not that it looks like you’ll need it!