Engineering Division Reveals

Hey guys, when I used to compete a few years back, I started a thread like this before worlds and it got alot of good feedback so I figured I would bring it back :slight_smile:

ENGINEERING DIVISION TEAMS! Post your reveal videos below! be sure to specify WHICH BOT is your bot if your reveal contains multiple bots!

Feel free to start a similar thread if you are in another division!

4478X and 4478V should be revealing robot this week. A student taking photography is coming in Tuesday for our robot and reveal will probably be posted a little after filming. 4478X is in engineering. Good luck to everyone at worlds

Hey guys, me and my team 1138B are in the Engineering Division as well. Hopefully we will be getting our reveal out soon!!!

Hi, the 6916H reveal should be out this week too. We are also in engineering.


4478X reveal video will be available at this link at midnight on 4/21/2018

See you at worlds!

Our video is live, make sure to stop by our pit at worlds!!


That rubber banding mechanism looks really creative. Good luck at worlds guys!

3946E Reveal

(Can someone tell me how to embed videos on the forum? Thanks :P)

Worlds Reveal