Engineering Notebook Advice For You

How do you document a total rebuild? How do you document the brainstorming and selected approach by using true numerical data?

I would usually document why my team is doing a rebuild (make an extensive list, pros and cons chart of old design and new design, etc.). Then I would document the rebuild like normal. Make sure to document what the finished re-build is going to be capable of, and why it is better than the old design.


To add on, I would also skip some of the first few steps of the edp like define the problem and brainstorming cause u did that earlier and doing that again would be repetitive. Start by drawing sketches for a rebuild.

But ya, do everything that @RoboCatz said, it’s all good advice.

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Hey, I was just wondering if this thread was still active, because my team’s bringing in a new member next year to just handle the notebook, and I was wondering if you, @JustARedneckEngineer, could help her out and get her started on the right path. Keeping in mind that I would owe you afterwards. Big time.

The thread’s not very active, I would’ve recommended you just send a pm instead.

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