Engineering Notebook and Robot Switching

Alright question here.

So we actually just ended up doing a whole design switcharoo like we were discussing earlier. The B team scrapped their design because it didn’t work, A gave their robot to B, and A is making a completely new design.

What’s the correct way for B to deal with the design notebook in this case? I assume they’re just supposed to explain why they switched designs, give an overview of how the new one works, and then begin daily recording of any changes made to the new one.

Is this correct? I assume that all the work the A team put into the robot should not be included in B’s notebook.

Sounds about right.

Personally, I would sticky note this event as one of the Major events in your notebook. But also add a lot of emphasis to why this is advantageous, and how you minimized or completely overcame the problems which resulted in the change.

Also because this is such a heavily debated topic, I would expect that you need a large number of people writing, or at least initialing this section. That way, the judges can’t frown at an action the team truly thinks is just.

Sorry I’m not completely understanding what you mean here. Could you explain?

For example,

your drivers may not be used to this type of robot, so you can say your programmers did _____ to make driving easier while your mechanics did ____ to make driving easier while your drivers did _____ to make it easier to drive.

Or maybe your younger members in team B didn’t comprehend how or why team A’s robot worked or why something was installed. Without this, you will hurt your interview scores. So, to overcome this problem, you _______ with your members, making them more knowledgeable, active, and skilled.

Think about all the problems you’ll have and discuss ways you countered those problems, even if you didn’t completely solve the problem

Oh okay got it - thanks!