Engineering Notebook At Worlds

Is there any way at worlds we can hand in our notebook if we didnt get a design or excellence award

Um… ya. Y wouldn’t u be allowed to?

Edit: apparently ur not allowed to. Disregard this

Qualifying criteria to submit an engineering notebook

From my understanding we can only hand in engineering notebooks if we won design or excellence at a worlds qualifying event

At worlds you can not submit a notebook unless you are qualified to. However you can still earn awards other than excellence and design. You can keep your notebook In your pit to show the judges during an interview.


No, your engineering notebook would not be accepted. There is a list of all qualified notebooks and only notebooks on that list are collected.


If another team in our organisation qualifies for worlds and is eligible to hand in their notebook, can we still receive the excellence award.

Also does the innovate award require the submission of an engineering notebook


This is where I was slightly confused, it doesn’t say you need a notebook to be submitted to be eligible for it, but it states the innovative design solution needs to be documented in the engineering notebook- will it be enough to show the engineering notebook to judges during an interview.

Key criteria:
• Innovative design process evident and well
> documented in the team’s Engineering Notebook
• Robot design demonstrates an ingenious and
innovative piece of engineering
• Innovative feature is soundly crafted and is an effective
solution to a design problem
• Innovative solution is integrated as a part of an overall
well-crafted robot
• Students understand and explain why the innovative
feature was necessary
• Students understand and are able to explain the
innovative design solution


At worlds, there are separate judging teams for design and for the other judged awards. If you haven’t qualified for design/excellence, keep your EN in the pit for your interview for the other judged awards.


Is design and excellence by division or as a whole?

Does the same apply to a middle school team looking for middle school excellence?

At Worlds last year there was only one Excellence Award (overall) and a Design Award for each division.

These are the awards offered at the 2019 World Championship to each division:

  • Division Champion (x2)
  • Division Finalist (x2)
  • Amaze Award
  • Build Award
  • Community Award
  • Create Award
  • Design Award
  • Energy Award
  • Innovate Award
  • Inspire Award
  • Judges Award
  • Service Award
  • Sportsmanship Award
  • Teamwork Award
  • Think Award



I meant at state finals-my mistake

BTW - this document is available for teams heading to Worlds - many questions are answered here:

VEX Worlds Team FAQ

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thank you very much; that is very useful

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