Engineering notebook drawings

Hi Everyone! I am wondering if there is a good standard or any good examples of the type of drawings to put in the engineering notebook. Scale, how detailed, etc would be helpful

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There is no “rule” as to how you should draw or what is really expected in your drawings, but I try to make my drawings as to scale as possible. You can always use printed photos and add them to your notebook. I would suggest that if you are sketching out a certain mechanism that is small or not a huge part of your build, you should solely draw that mechanism and describe how it works and the benefits of adding them.


Ok. For a bigger thing like a base, or a 4 bar lift, would you suggest writing that a line equals 1 cube on the grid or something like that?

If your using graph paper it may be a good idea to count the holes on a c-channel and maybe draw 3/5 of that c-channel on the graph paper. Pictures are good to accompany with that and drawings make a good description for the picture.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I did. I can attach a photo of a drawing that I incorporated.


Ok. Thank you! This is really helpful. You are a good artist btw


Is that 1:1 scale, or is it smaller then it is in person?

I used a 1:1 scale when drawing the wheel, motors, and gear, but in between the ends I drew as much space as I had on my page. So we used a 1x3x35 c-channel but I drew 23 holes. It’s really up to you.

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Ok. Thank you. Please tell your team mate to chill

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