Engineering Notebook for New Team(s)

Our school resurrected a team from a few years ago. In reality, we basically started from scratch. The team started with a summer camp and continued through the early part of the year as one team. We were only keeping one engineering notebook. However, the team has now been split into two. The question I have is how to deal with the engineering notebook for the second team since it is an offshoot from the original. The notebooks would look the same up to the split. Thanks for any advice I can get.

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Is one team keeping the current robot design and the other is starting a new robot design from scratch? If so, I think it would be fair if the team with the og bot should get the notebook and the new team should restart but still be allowed to get some stuff from the old notebook to be rewritten such as brainstorming, stuff about the game if you have that, strategies. Etc… I say this only because if it’s a new team, that is just established and starting this season, then the bot of the old team technically isn’t their design anymore. However, this also isn’t very fair because of all the work and effort they probably did
Another option is you can have one team keep the notebook and as sad and painful as it sounds, the other should be allowed to rewrite everything they have done if they want it documented before going off on their own
This is just a really not good situation that can’t be avoided and I don’t think there is a prefect solution that will make everyone happy.


Both teams are starting with the original robot, then going their own ways from there. They don’t mind recreating the original notebook for the second team. Being new to all of the rules and all, is it “legal” to copy the first notebook for the second team so they are identical up to the split?

Since they are both starting with the same design then it should be legal cause it will just be the design each team has and needs to be documented in each of their notebooks. This was also seems fair because both notebooks will start out very even and not give either an unfair advantage from the start

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I would just make a note in the new notebook in the beginning about what happened. In the old notebook, I’d make a note at the current page about the team splitting and why.