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School has started up again, and with that comes a new season of notebooking. My team has started brainstorming ideas, and I have been recording them in our notebook. All was going well until we started designing the robot in CAD (inventor).

The problem is that I am unsure of how to put photos/media in my notebook. My teammate suggested getting the photos printed out from Walgreens, but this would stipulate having to wait until the days before the competition to get them all printed out (easier to do and cheaper). This would mean that I would have to plan my notebook around how bit I think the photos are going to be. If they are smaller, no problem. But if they are too big, that becomes a problem.

So my question is, how do you go about printing and putting photos in your notebook? Last season we had an online notebook so we did not run into this problem, but I wanted to try a physical one for this season to see if it was any better than our online one last season.


Ive found just printing them out yourself works. In Word you can determine the sizes of your images to the hundreds place and if you have a grid notebook it makes measuring and knowing how big each picture needs to be really easy. I suggest saving it as a pdf before printing so your pics dont shift around. We got the graphic design club at my school to print out our pictures for us near the end of last season and it comes out really high quality so see if your school or library has a printing service its like a few cents per page and imo completely worth. Elmer’s gluesticks work well for sticking the pictures in but you can also invest in archival gluesticks or something.


also yes, this does mean you have to cut them out yourself unfortunately, but we just make the one member without adhd do it lol

That sounds good, but what if your notebook is not standard 8.5 by 11? Like a larger size.

idk how youre doing your pictures in the notebook but that doesnt really matter unless youre planning to cover a whole page in one image. in that case i’d split the image and print it on two sheets, then piece it together in the notebook when gluing it in. Our notebook was 9.25x11.75in and here is a sample of how i put in pictures.


My team just prints them out at the school printer onto paper. Nothing fancy but it works.

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No what I mean is that the notebook page size is bigger than a standard piece of printer paper. So after I size it in word, it will end up being smaller than what I had originally intended it to be, thus making it harder to plan my notebook around the images.

the units of measurement would be the same no matter the size of the paper?? like if you leave a 2x3 inch space blank in your notebook, size a picture to be 2x3 inches in word. if you type in a size to crop itll size it so when you print itll be that big

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Oh, thanks for letting me know lol

One thing that is missing in the useful advice presented about pasting in external media - make sure to sign and date the things you glued in. It is part of the traditional notebook process and is evidence of things removed and added out of chronological order.

Also, cross off unused part of page (visual way of saying “this part of the page is intentionally left blank”). Do this systematically so there is no question you are documenting your journey chronologically.


Of course! What, did you think that I would not care about the rubric and guidelines when doing my notebook!?

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Ypu can use measurements in the google docs to determine how large your images will end up and then measure those same dimensions in your notebook.

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Please do not take it as affront to your notebook skills, but this forum is for everyone. So filling in details is important.

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Have you worked with Drawing Views in Inventor? It has a number of presentation settings and options that let you display certain features of the assembly. I use an exploded view for training. A benefit is If you hide parts in the View it doesn’t affect the actual CAD assembly. Also, you can export the views, with notations, measurements, and at whatever paper size and format you need.


Another thing (If you have the money) is buying a small photo printer that BlueTooth connets to your phone. This way you have a maximum size thats already told to you. However, buying new cartridges could pile up in cost.

This would be very useful, but I don’t use Inventor. Do you know if you can do that in Fusion?

Sorry if this has been asked-and-answered already. Has there been any indication whether electronic ENs (e.g. Google Docs) will be considered as “bound” for Tipping Point as they were for Change Up?

Not yet. Still waiting on all that to come out (hopefully sooner rather than later)

Read the Judges Guide

Electronic notebook are permitted at the discretion of the Event Partner. All details starting on Page 6 of Judge Guide

No more bound notebook bonus.


To clarify – the choice EPs have is between in-person and remote judging. This effects the format notebooks must be submitted in but not the format they’re created in. Digital notebooks are still allowed at events with traditional in-person judging, they just need to be printed out and submitted on paper.