Engineering Notebook Media

Instead, there is a verifiable time stamp bonus.


Yup - I am a fan of both reading notebooks ahead of events and in-person interviews with teams. Wishful thinking would be to allow this hybrid. A discussion point with our RECF EEM :slight_smile:


Question (I’m not familiar with some of the electronic options) - how can you confirm time stamps if it is printed? Is the mere presence of a time enough for confirmation?


Perhaps writing the date on each page (in the title) like as what you should be doing in physical notebooks. Some online notebook programs might have automatic timestamps as well.


Looking at page 5, I think that’s already allowed:

(emphasis mine)

From page 6:

I can’t think of any “reasonable standard” for judge advisors to apply other than confirming that the timestamps are (a) present for all entries, (b) consistent with each other, and (c) not obviously wrong.


I just think it is odd that the rubric says “if entries contain a time stamp that can be confirmed”. It doesn’t just say “if entries contain a time stamp”.

Was just curious if anyone has any insight on that.


Wow, that’s a first. :+1:


Our notebook has a place to put in a date and witness signatures. I, the person that wrote the entries, sign it and my team’s coach signs it.

I would recommend using Microsoft publisher instead of word for this type of thing

Why? Is there any sort of difference. All I would use it for is to resize photos to print and paste in my notebook.

I read it as for digital notebooks, but I’m not sure now.

Both software packages are made by Autodesk so I assumed they would. I did find the following link to create custom drawing views.


Yes. Word is not designed for that. Publisher will let you easily pick sizes and rotations

Yes, but I can still change photo sizes in Word, no? If all I am using it as is a photo resized, than why would I chose publisher over word?

I guess for that Word will be Ok

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