Engineering Notebook Organization

Hey I am from 81F from VEXMEN. We have a pretty not good notebook and think that is because we organized it by each build day we had. I think if we did it by different sections of the robot it would be much much better. I plan or redoing the notebook in the upcoming week. Any thoughts or tips. Thanks so much

Why would you re-do your EN? Then it is not an authentic, contemporaneous documentation of your robot development. It is, essentially, edited. I would recommend sticking with the EN you have now and make improvements going forward. Then, next year, organize your EN as described from.the beginning of the season.


I like that you want to improve your notebook. Unlike a robot where you tear it apart and rebuild, you are going to need to build on what you have. I would recommend treating it like a engineering problem - start with the first available page and state that the teams wants to fix its notebook practices. Reflect on what is not working in your opinion, and then research example notebooks that are available online. From there you can write a plan which will help your structure your design process and document for the benefit of your team.