Engineering Notebook Pictures? Sketches? and more?

Hi! I’m new to the forum (just joined a few minutes ago) and wondering about somethings about the engineering notebook. When i attach pictures, sketches, etc…

  1. should the pictures be in color or black and white?
  2. Should the sketches be drawn in the notebook or could it be on a separate paper and then glued or taped to the notebook?
  3. What else are the judges looking for in the notebook besides pictures and sketches?

Also is this posted in the appropriate category?

Choose whichever is best suited to your application.

Either is fine, if you tape/glue paper in you should sign across the edge of the paper to verify authenticity.

Consult the Judge Guide, and in particular the rubric located on page 26, for more information on this topic.


Thanks! I’m also wondering if I’m allow to attach printed typed documents that some of the members in my team made on their laptops?


Absolutely! Anything that will contribute to your design process is great to have in your notebook.


Will an attached handwritten notes from other members be ok? I know that we’re supposed to write in ink/pen but my team already wrote some notes on a separate piece of paper with pencil.

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The rubric linked above lists no requirement that the notebook be written in pen. More discussion on ink vs. pencil in this thread.