Engineering Notebook (Second) Submission at Worlds?

If a team qualifies for their second round of interviews, will they resubmit their logbook? And if so, will it be in a digital (scanned) or physical format? I checked a while ago, so I may be outdated, but I could not find any information about this in the judging section.
By default I would nearly assume that teams would not resubmit their notebook, but this would cut out a large section of the engineering process as many teams tend to redesign right before worlds. In addition, as there were different notebook submission deadlines for teams based on their qualification date, this format seems to favor later submissions as those teams have had more time to work on their notebooks (although admittedly quantity isn’t a huge factor in judging).


I asked the same question and the response I received was… Teams will not resubmit a notebook. The digital version we submitted is the only notebook required. Hope this helps

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Judges might want to look at your notebook when interviewing or you might want to show something in the note so its a good idea to have it during your interview process