Engineering Notebook?

If we already have a notebook for a robot we built and we did a rebuild and did another notebook, should we hand in both notebooks and say that this is our old one but this is our new one or should we just hand in our new one. Does it matter which one and does it affect the judges choice?

Turn in both so it shows you guys worked to perfect your design

Write your journal as a comprehensive build log. We write every thing we think of: detailed diagrams, etc. through this we have a 200 page build log and around a 400 page journal. It helps with judges, but more importantly allows you to defend that your design decisions are your work, and not made by someone else.

Best practice here would be to just continue in the first notebook. The notebook is a chronicle of how you arrived at the robot you have at the time, even if you did a total redesign, it is still part of your design process.