Engineering notebook

I have recently receive my welcome box for starting a new team, and in it was an engineering notebook. Are we required to use that one? And also can we get a thread going of good tips for other team’s notebooks?

no, you’re not required to use that one. You can use any that you like, however i would stay away from online notebooks, as i’ve heard bad things from people who use them, but i’ve won design awards with a printed one so maybe its ok in your area

If you just type in notebook in the search feature of the forum, you will find A LOT of threads talking about notebooks (seriously I mean alot). Look for previous excellence award winners, they usually post their notebooks onto the forums.

the most important thing to do is to update daily, write down/ draw everything as you work. It doesn’t have to be super neat, although legible is defininately a pro. Just make sure you are recording your thought process. If you keep a good notebook you’ll be suprised how much you reference your own notebook.

Resources for new teams are here: There is an example of a good design notebook, as well. If you read through their notebook (as opposed to a myopic study to determine if typed or handwritten is the factor that makes a notebook good or not), you’ll also see an example of a very well organized robotics team working through the entire season, from May to April.

The engineering notebook itself isn’t required by VEX but it is extremely important for teams trying to win the design award. It has personally enabled my team to attend the regional competition and my rival team to go to worlds. Many teams have used the standard notebook and won the design award, but if you want to go deeper in depth, using a binder can look much more professional and allows you to include more information about each aspect of the robot.

Honestly I want you to know it isn’t a need but my team did win excellence, and our spot to worlds the past two years due to the fact that we had one.

The application of an engineering notebook is to document the following design process that you had following the development of your current robot. Even though they are nice to have as well as have you in the running to receive the design, think, and excellence rewards. For my team, important aspects that we always look towards achieving is an easy to read notebook with detailed sketches to help display the idea that we had with our robot as well as in-depth understanding of the game of the year

Like above, it is not required to use the notebook, but there have been rumors about judges not taking a look at the printed notebooks, I am not sure if that is gonna be an official thing in ITZ, but I have been receiving award with the stock notebooks, I find it really useful to draw blueprints.

I really don’t think that printed notebooks should be discounted. We have wond excellence award at states mainly because of our printed notebook. Printed notebooks are 100% acceptable as long as they are signed or have some sort of authentication.

I know there has already been plenty of discussion about this, and the general consensus seems to be that notebook format reception depends strongly on region. In contrast to you and your team’s experiences, here in WA state we have been explicitly told at multiple tournaments (including state) this year that our typed/printed notebook, regardless of detail or merit, is not valued as highly as “bound notebooks” and written materials.

Printed notebooks have been doing very well in Indiana the past few years. I don’t think many people here use handwritten anymore. In fact (correct me if I’m wrong) but 323G (who won worlds exellence this year) had a completely typed notebook, didn’t they? I remember looking at their notebook release but i don’t remember where i saved the copy :stuck_out_tongue: