Engineering Notebook

(See picture attached)… (See circled section)… what am I supposed to do in that part? Obviously in the section above im supposed to write my daily log on what i did, etc, etc but at the exemplar in the book it shows them repeating certain dates in the circled section… is that like a summary of a certain day you choose?

You have to open the image to see the circled section.

Not too sure. On the VEX product page for their engineering notebook, the example pictures just show it being used for normal journal entries.

See Here

The fact that for example they write 9/26 on the top of the page and then 9/27, etc but then jump back to 9/26 in that little section is very odd (See attached screenshot)
Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 15.12.38.png

After 6 years here, I still don’t know. I just continue through the lines as if they were graph paper like the rest of the page.

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You do the Journal Entry first, then go to the top of the page.

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From what I can tell the journal and logbook are meant to be different but they run alongside each other, I think the journal is meant to be a less formal peice about the team where the logbook formally details what is happening with the robot design. Our team just uses that section like the rest of the page though.

I usually write a 1-2 sentence summary or conclusion in that section to make things organized and help me find the location of a specific item more quickly. Theres no rules that define what you can and cannot do in the notebook other than the general notebook rules of being neat, organized, and follows the engineering design process.

I like your summary section - I would add it is useful to have follow up action list there too.

you might use this
engineering notebook sample VEX 2018.pdf (45 MB)