Engineering Notebooks: Typed vs. Handwritten Survey

I know there have been many debates over the preference towards handwritten or typed engineering notebooks. I’m not trying to start another debate, but I wanted to see which notebooks were wining more awards, so I created a survey.

Even if you haven’t won a Design or Excellence Award, please answer the first three questions of the survey. Please try to not to have multiple members from the same team take the survey. If anyone would like to see the results, let me know and I can post them on this forum. Thanks!

I would be very interested in the outcome of this poll. Please post the results

I would suggest you add “typed/printed, with the handwritten journals included in the back of the binder” because this is one of the most common submission methods seen at Worlds.

I’ll wait for more responses and post the results. Thanks to everyone who has taken the survey so far.

I think you need to identify those who could only submit handwritten, bound journals in their regions. If not you may draw improper conclusions

I was not aware of any regions where typed journals were not allowed, only a few specific competitions. I’ve never had this issue in my region or any competition I’ve been to. If anyone knows of any regions where typed journals were not allowed or where judges would commonly only look at handwritten journals, please let me know which regions and I will compare that to the survey results.