Ensuring an Autonomous Win

Hello Forums. I just thought about hanging in autonomous and thought that if one could manage it, that would be amazing feat and would almost ensure your win in autonomous…almost. I want to leave room for mystery but I was just wondering what you guys might think would be key essentials to hanging during autonomous. Its not something we are looking to do right now, just been thinking about how cool it would be if someone did and wanted to see what the forums thought

in our region here it would help alot. Plus if paired with another robot who has a autonomous that has begun to pop up around the world like you have described it would do wonders i believe

four stars and a cube even all in high zone is just 12 points?

Yes but you are also descoring 12 points if they come from the other alliances far zone. Which in total is 24 point swing.

ah i see what you mean now, ok i was really confused at first. Appreciate you clearing that up

Our sister team had an autonomous hang in the previous iteration of their robot.

They only went to one competition with this auton hang, but they successfully hung in 7 of 9 matches, and won autonomous every time they hung. Of the two times they did not hang, one was because they put the robot in the field backwards, and in the other the field was set up incorrectly.

We have a middle school team in Nebraska that already hangs on autonomous.

The only issue with this is, in our school all teams have the ability to literally throw our preload anywhere on the field by simply deploying our claw. It is not developed yet, but it allows us to tilt the robot to any angle, block any hanging and most autonomi. In world’s I’d expect teams to be doing that often.

Also consider the risks: If you fail to get down or take over 3 seconds, its a waste. We briefly considered deployable shock absorbers to let us leave our hook in the pole and just take the fall to the ground. Although it worked in test, it was too risky and unreliable to compete with. Make sure if you do hang, to have a quick fall built in.

We were considering it. However at the moment we believe the time lost in driver control would be detrimental to us given that VEX U has less time. One strategy we think could work is to score stars in the oppositions far zone hanging corner and block them from hanging if possible.
From the matches I’ve refereed this year I think scoring the cube as quickly as possible is the best bet. This has many positives. First the 6-8 point swing of just scoring the cube, however the cube usually knocks off a couple of stars off the fence (design dependent of course). I’ve also seen that this generally blocks the other team from scoring their cube if you’re fast enough.

If you high hang in Indiana…you need to have a good partner to win. Most teams de-score enough elements to the point where it beats a 12 point high hang.

This is why we throw two stars and a cube over the fence while knocking the three stars off before hanging. :slight_smile:

on the side that will go up against the post put a part that reaches out about an inch then cut it to the shape of the post and that should line you up pretty well

Saw a robot this weekend climb during autonomous. It was pretty impressive. Sorry, but I don’t remember the team.

But you haven’t built it yet, and you don’t know how accurate it’s going to be. I’m guessing it won’t be accurate enough to prevent a hang. Additionally, there’s already a star in the hanging pole corner that has to be removed, so most teams who want to hang in autonomous will probably pick your star up along with this other one.