Entanglement Ruling Issue

If a robot is entangled with a tetherbot’s tether for at least a minute during driver control and is thus match effecting, does the tetherbot get DQed?

It should as the offensive robot gets the benefit of the doubt.

So the tetherbot doesnt get DQed @9MotorGang

Who’s the offensive robot? @9MotorGang

it depends. if the tether is obviously what caused the entanglement, and the opposing robot that got entangled was just trying to score (not like actively trying to push around the tetherbots or the tether), and if the results of the match had the entanglement not occurred could have been different (match affecting), then yes, the tetherbot should get the dq.

However, if there was a good chance for the tetherbot’s tether to be entangled with another robot, the tetherbot probably shouldn’t have even passed inspection in the first place.

The best thing you can do as a team is make sure that there are not any major entanglement risks on your bot. if you have a tetherbot, that means you probably shouldn’t just have a loose bunch of cables. Bulking up the cable with cable protectors, or some kind of rigid backing will make it much less likely to be slurped up by an opponent and get you entangled. If you can prove to the refs that you did everything you could to minimize entanglement hazards, you shouldn’t be at much risk of a DQ.


The offensive robot is the robot playing offense. Assuming you were still trying to score and not just playing defense, the wall or would receive a dq.