Entering Competitions in Adjacent States

Is it okay for a Vex IQ team to compete in a competition in another state? How would that affect things like their state tournament? I’d like my team to get more experience against different teams, but I don’t know how this particular part works.

You should post this in one of the ‘Official’ forums to get an official response.

Here is my un-official understanding:

  • You are allowed to register for any event, unless the event has restrictions that are listed in the event details (Indianapolis has an event that is only for teams within the city)
  • Any awards you receive would not make you eligible for the state championship in the state where the tournament was held, or in your own state [LIST]
  • Berths to state championships for awards that you win would go unfilled (or go the next skills 'wildcard')
  • Skills scores would be counted towards the Worlds Skill Rankings
    • Not sure if skills scores would be counted for 'wildcard' qualification to your own state championship; it may vary from state to state
    [/LIST] Even if it is allowed, it would be a good idea to check with the host of the event before registering. Some host may be excited to have you as a guest, others may be hostile. Also, I personally think that you should request that your team not be eligible for any judged awards that are qualifiers for States, like the Excellence award.

    Road trips to outside events can a lot of fun and a good learning experience for the traveling team, as well as the host. I know that US teams have traveled to China for local events, and Chinese teams have traveled to the UK. Experiences like that can have quite an impact on young minds.

  • jrp62 is correct on all counts. In general, any non-championship event is open to all registered teams, and I would be surprised to hear of objections if you wanted to attend an out-of-state tournament. The way skills scores are used to invite additional teams to the state championship, skills scores posted out of state would still count for wildcard skills rankings (assuming that that the new, qualifying rules don’t change this).