Entering opposing alliance starting tile?

Nothing But Net game… are robots allowed to touch the colored starting tile of the opposing alliance?

I know there are restrictions going into the opposing alliance loading zone or touching a robot in the opposing alliance loading zone. I can’t find any restrictions on starting tiles, but I don’t know if I am looking in the correct place.

I believe that the loading zone includes the opposite teams starting tiles - therefore, I do not believe that you can enter their tiles during the match. If it is anything like previous games, the team that enters the others teams loading zone will probably be disqualified.

For your reference, this is the rule:
“Loading Zone – The area formed by the outer edges of the diagonal tape lines across the** Alliance Starting Tiles** and the field perimeter bounding the Alliance Station corners of the field.”

Entering the corner triangle of the opposing alliance is against the rules, however, if you are outside of that triangle, it is allowed. You can still legally be touching half of the opposing alliance’s colored tile. Note that you can’t in the last 30 seconds though, as you cannot be in that corner box at all in that time frame.

It is also not legal to touch a robot that is touching their corner triangle loading zone.