Entire Team for Sale

The entire team collection of our VEX is all up for sale. New & Used Parts, complete field, fantastic condition NO BETTER DEAL for the $$$!

Are your parts stuck in shipping containers for worlds? I probably have not just one but several parts for your teams.

We are not parting out. Selling all as 1 lot.

Have questions please feel free to ask.

Thousands of dollars invested, selling everything for a fraction, only $2,700. Don’t let the cargo and shipping problems be the demise of your robots that you have worked so hard for.

Below is a list of the inventory. DM me for pictures and other contact information, or if you have any questions.

Vex inventory:
2 V5 remotes
1 V5 brain, radio and battery cable
1 V5 vision sensor
8 V5 battery chargers
5 V5 batteries
20 V5 motors
6 V5 100 rpm gear cartridges
4 V5 200 rpm gear cartridges
2 V5 300 rpm gear cartridges
3 V5 long cable assortments
1 V5 short cable assortment
1 V5 custom cable length
1 V5 custom cable clips
5 motor controller 29s
7 high strength 84 tooth gears
13 high strength 60 tooth gears
13 high strength 36 tooth gears
7 12 tooth metal gears
6 Omni wheels
2 mini omni wheels
8 traction wheels
2 sticky wheels
2 mini sticky wheels
9 84 tooth gears
27 60 tooth gears
14 36 tooth gears
8 12 tooth gears
20ft of chain
12ft of tank tread tracks
2 30 tooth high strength sprockets
2 24 tooth high strength sprockets
14 18 tooth high strength sprockets
19 12 tooth high strength sprockets
14 pulleys
2 line sensors
2 ultra sonic line sensors
2 light sensors
4 potentiometers
1 shaft encoder
1 speaker
3 bumper switches
2 9v cords
3 gyro sensors
2 bags of rubber bands
3 packages of tubes
Several screws, collars and etc
22 rack gears
33 linear slides
1 Advanced gear kit
1 vex claw
2 new linear motion kits
1 package of new 3x35 aluminum c-channels
9 new 2x30 c-channels
3 whole 4x25 aluminum c-channels
6 partial 4x25 aluminum c-channels
3 whole 3x25 aluminum c-channels
7 partial 3x25 aluminum c-channels
Multiple angle pieces
Multiple allen wrenches, wrenches and etc
Multiple spacers, bolts and etc
21 partial prices of L-shaped aluminum
23 whole 2x25 aluminum c-channels
40 partial 2x25 aluminum c-channels
11 metal scissor sliders
8 whole 1x25 L-shaped metal
18 metal linear slides
4 long metal axels
2 high strength metal axels
11 whole 2x25 L-shaped metal
15 partial 2x25 L-shaped metal
11 whole 2x25 chassis metal
11 partial 2x25 chassis metal
10 whole 2x25 metal c-channels
15 partial 2x25 metal c-channels
4 whole 4x20 metal c-channels
5 partial 4x20 metal c-channels
1 large metal flat plate
Several metal flat pieces
1 entire vex field with foam, sides, screws and towers
1 robot sizing tool


do the program monkeys come included or do I need to buy them separately


That’s a great deal! Too bad I already ordered a ton of stuff two days ago! (Screaming inside)

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how much for them my school is looking for v5 which is a upgrade from our cortex

Next time double check the op.

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sorry didn’t see that and ill buy it

Where are you located? I’m guessing the price does not include shipping?

I am in oregon and that’s correct it does not include shipping.

@DRow personal info

do your thing


I’ve edited the OP to remove contact information. Please share that through DM’s.


Yeah… 2700 is a bit for a team.
I’d like to know how many awards they have won before I consider.

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When I was reading the topic name the builder came up behind me and said, “I wouldn’t mind if you bought me a spare programmer”


My team could use with a builder.

Can’t wait for first coach to see whole club :slight_smile:

Hi, me and my team were wondering if all of this was still for sale, and if it was possible if you could ship to Canada(also are prices in USD or CAD)


They were 1460A, Flip’n Awesome. I remember they were in my division at Worlds in ITZ.

They also have photos of the equipment on their Facebook page.

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I will buy for $2750 when I get paid next week.

Message me on Instagram. 5956a_Bangarang

@DRow personal info


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