EP Schedule tool

Hosted my first event last weekend. Not surprisingly went a bit long, but I did get everyone 8 qr matches, so feel ok with the outcome.

Did make me think I would like a way to better plan out the day to include all the supplemental activities that need time. So, I made a spreadsheet, here you go.


RECF made a tool like this a few years ago and it is already built into RE: https://www.robotevents.com/admin/schedule/calculator

That’s interesting…
A) so many things the RECF makes that are hard to find – there is a lot of good stuff to dig for
B) doesn’t answer the questions I wanted to answer, like how much time to allocate for inspection and alliance selection.

Thanks for the link.

I helped create this calculator during my time at RECF and we could not figure out a good way to calculate that because it takes everyone person a different amount of time to go through the list for inspection.

As for alliance selection it is very fast now, I have seen 10-15 minutes for the whole thing.

In my years of running events, we have always had a starting time for inspections, usually 30 minutes after doors open. But no specific ending time, particularly early in the season and/or if there are a few new teams competing. We let teams know that the cannot compete in skill nor matches unless they have passed inspection. We have had the occasional team miss their first match as they were scrambling to get their robot to pass. (And yes, it would be nice if they self-inspected before arriving at the event. We know that doesn’t happen enough.) . As for Alliance selection, the time we give them to negotiate is usually around 15 minutes. Alliance selection can be quite quick or if you have a few declines can last a bit longer. We also give out minor awards between quarter-finals and semi-finals. This way at the end of finals, we only have to give out the champions, finalists, and Excellence awards.
We do this primarily to give the teams and robots a little break between matches. Our schedule is set up based on those assumptions. The time allotted for the qualifying matches depends on the number of teams in the event and the number of fields we are running.