EP Summit Thursday Webcast

please tell me this doesn’t happen in vex?

I feel so strongly about the need to give feedback that I did not feel it was too much work and would willingly do it again. But I understand that I may be in the minority on this position!

Right. I was taking the interview into account - because that’s part of the score. We see lots of perfect scores here in Virginia because, well, we’re all above average (Garrison Keillor).

I have a question for those who have more experience judging notebooks and having their notebooks judged. How do you account for development over time? For instance, a team which turned in a terrible notebook at their first competition, learned a lot, and then turned in their notebook at a second competition with the first half still awful and the second half much improved. Does the first half forever lower their score, or do you specifically focus on the quality and content closest to the end of the notebook?