Epicyclic Gearing Kit for Make it Real Challenge

Hey y’all!

My team and I recently designed and entered a system of ring gears and carrier pieces to greatly expand the functionality of the current gear pieces that we have in the VRC part library. These pieces allow for the construction of many new interesting gear ratios that could be used in many new and fascinating ways by builders and designers. We designed 6 new pieces, the first 3 being ring gears with:

  • 60 outer teeth, 36 inner teeth
  • 84 outer teeth, 60 inner teeth
  • 108 outer teeth, 84 inner teeth

In addition to these parts, we also designed 3 carrier gears. The carrier gears are a redesign of the non-high strength 36, 60, and 84 tooth gears, exactly 0.25" thick with support for high strength axles.

Any support is highly appreciated, so please go check it out!



Voting closes tomorrow, so any additional votes would be highly, highly appreciated!

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These are very cool, but I think I would have posted the pictures of the gears with the sun and planets in place to see how they would work so VEX engineers like @Art_Dutra_IV and @JVN could snag them for the next batch of cool VRC parts.

VIQ has ring gears now that I use (there are a couple of sizes), but these double thick parts would be great for VRC.


There are pics of the printed pieces with the sun and planet gears on the project page

Here is a demo video


That’s what I was talking about. Your page here to advertise your entry just had the rings. Most roboteers don’t know how to use them. But your picture on the entry had the rings in action, so that would have helped people that didn’t know, what they were about.

The video would have been the best advertising. Here is an 8:1 in a very small form factor capable of delivering high torque reliabily because of the thick gears. And everyone wants that.

Your goal was to drive people to your entry and get them to vote. Having great advertising does that. Good luck, hope you do well, but more importantly, I hope VEX decides to make them.


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