Equations in Vex coding studio?

how do i set up a equation in vex coding studio i can create the variables i just dont know how to start an equation?

To make an equation you just use the operators. Like
var pos1 = 500;
var pos2 = 20;
while(pos1 - pos2 == 480) {}

That should work as an infinite loop. I am not sure if that is what you mean by equation. There could be some definition I don’t know :joy:.

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Assuming you’ve assigned the variable names, it’s just

answer = write the equation ;

As for that “write the equation,” it’s pretty much as you would do with a calculator or MS Excel or similar.

If you want to check two things for equality, then you use == between the two.

Yes. * means multiplication, / means division, so on. You can also do != for not equals (I think), < for less than, > for greater than.

k thanks that should help me alot