Error Catching in V5 pro C++

Does anyone know of ways to throw exceptions when there are errors as you would in C++.
I understand error catching, but wanted to ask if anyone else has thought of ways to do this before I spend time researching on my own.

The default makefile created with VEX Code Pro C++ includes the -fno-exceptions switch passed to the compiler. This means that if you have try ... catch blocks or use throw to raise an Exception, the compiler will error out.

Iā€™m not entirely sure why that decision was made, nor what the implications of removing it are. Perhaps @jpearman would be able to share insight?


Just removing the -fno-exceptions flag will work, sort of, you will probably get a generic error, I would need to look into that. Part of the issue is how we implement the standard library that VEXcode uses in vexos, we link against a reference file but the code is actually on the brain, and was built with the -fno-exceptions flag set. The reason for stdlib being in vexos is to reduce program size. For example, a typical program using some standard library functions may be 250k linked against stdc++ in the usual way, linked against our reference file it can be in the 5-10k range. With a direct USB connection, 250k download is not an issue, but doing that wirelessly is not fun. That can be changed also in the build files, but as I said, executables will be big.