Error in trying to download master code.

I have been having a bunch of problems trying to actually upload programs to my robot since I upgraded to robotC, many which have been based around the master code. As I tryed to upload the new master code, I have encountered this error.

Failed to load VEX User CPU firmware image.

C:\Program Files\Robotics Academy\ROBOTC for IFI\Firmware
\VEX_MASTER_V8e.BIN: invalid header on line 1.

Anyway to get this fixed or workaround it?

I do believe it’s a firmware problem.

I do not have RobotC on this laptop so I can’t tell you exactly how, but there is a short video located here:

Just go to Setup → Firmware. You should be set after that. Post back and let us know.

Wait…but it looks like you’re trying to download the actual firmware.

If the above step doesn’t fix your problem, and it looks like it wouldn’t, try to re download robotC because it looks like the firmware file that came with your program is the issue.

What version of RobotC are you using?

Thank you so much! I figured it out!

just for future reference, what was wrong?

I had this problem before…I think the problem was trying to download the master code (.bin file) using Robot->Download Firmware (which you download .hex files with).

What you’re actually suppose to do is click on Window->Menu Level->Expert.

This will now show Download IFI Master CPU Firmware under the Robot menu. Here you can find the .bin master code file and download it.

I am having the same problem, did your solution work?