Error in VSCode when Downloading VEX Robotics Extension

Is there any way to fix the Fatal Error in the corner of the screen?

Can you post the extension log?

It can be found by:

  1. Click the output tab,
    Screenshot 2022-12-10 183358
  2. Click the dropdown that appears on the right hand side of the menu bar.
  3. Select VEX.
  4. Copy log and post here.

This should give me an idea of where the exception is being thrown.



Here is the extension log.

Thanks for posting your log, that helps!

Can you go to the directory below and verify that vexcom.exe exist?


You should see something like this:

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Yes, that file does exist.


The fatal error was caused by a group policy that was preventing the VEX Extension from running command line programs.

If you are using a school owned laptop, you’ll need to talk the school’s IT department to see if they will allow command line programs to be run. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything extension side to resolve this issue.

I will add additional error checking in the future so the VEX Extension can notify this problem to the user.