[error]: make process closed with exit code : 2. What does this mean?


I am trying to make a drive code for my robotics club at school and whenever I try to build or upload it to the robot I get the error above. I’ve searched around the forum and have seen that it could happen for many different reasons which I have checked for and couldn’t find a problem. I’m sure the problem is obvious and I just don’t understand it, I am relatively new to coding. Any help would be appreciated I just want to figure out why it won’t build or upload.

Thank you to anyone who responds.
Here is the code-

#include “vex.h”

using namespace vex;

float Distance;

int main() {
// Initializing Robot Configuration. DO NOT REMOVE!

Distance = 4;



Drivetrain.driveFor(Distance, inches);

Drivetrain.setDriveVelocity(50, percent);


Drivetrain.turnFor(-90, degrees);

Drivetrain.setDriveVelocity(90, percent);
Drivetrain.driveFor(-6, inches);
wait(1, seconds);

Drivetrain.turnFor(90, degrees);

Drivetrain.driveFor(-150, mm);

// Setting the variable “Distance” to a value of 11

// Drives the robot forward for 11 inches

(This is the output:)-
[info]: Project Path: C:\Users\parker.trujillo\Documents\vexcode-projects\TestDrive

[info]: Saving Project …

[info]: Project saved!

windows build for platform vexv5

This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator.

make: *** [vex/mkrules.mk:11: build/src/main.o] Error 1

[error]: make process closed with exit code : 2

This means that the build met an issue it couldn’t solve. Most of the time it means there’s an error in your code but it looks like the program might have been stopped by the computer admin.

If it isn’t your computer then you’ll meed to take it up with whoevers in IT there


This is the issue, the PC is too locked down and VEXcode cannot run the build system.