Error message in robot c

So I was recently using robot c and I created a basic program for my robot but when I tried to download it it kept saying must close existing window communicating with robot first. I have no clue what this means and I have checked and found no other opened windows relating to the robot.

Was the program/robot debug window still open?

I think I got a similar error when coding for VEX EDR, but I won’t be able to test until Monday.

Have you got VEXos firmware updater open as well?

The debug window wasn’t open

Nah I checked again and it wasn’t open

Please get back to me when you test

Maybe show us the code.

Just checking: Vex IQ? Latest firmware (2.1.3)? Latest RobotC (4.56)? Which Windows version? Laptop?

Tried restarting everything, computer, bot?

Was it working before, and has something been changed since?

You might be helped by this (click the triangle):

Device Manager & drivers...