Error Message on Brain

Wondering if anyone has seen this specific message on the IQ brain. Our team added code to the teleop, so we know it has to do with the code we wrote. But, just wondering what does it mean. Did a google search on it, and found nothing. We are using RobotC.


I would recommend re-downloading the ROBOTC Firmware as there could be an issue with the VM. That specific error comes up when an instruction is being ran that isn’t in the ROBOTC Firmware - either a corrupted firmware or a version mismatch (i.e. old firmware on a new IDE, or vice versa)

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Thanks for the recommendation. Team doesn’t meet until later this week, so we can try that this weekend… but it is a bit odd since we didn’t think it would be the RobotC firmware. We already had a teleop on the brain that isn’t giving us this message. We were going to make some changes to the teleop, so instead of messing around with the teleop we use, our kids just made a copy of the teleop and made changes to that copy. So, the brain has 2 teleop programs so they can choose which one they want to use. It’s only happening with this 2nd teleop program, hence why we can isolate it to the code the team added. When the team runs the original teleop on the brain, there are no issues.


We figured out the issue. Divide by zero. The team wasn’t checking for zero values before a division operation. The check was put in and now no issues.

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