Error using "pros upgrade" in the terminal

I have the PROS VSC extension up to date, and the “update pros cli” button says my CLI is up to date. However using “pros upgrade” in order to try and make sure I have the right version of the CLI gives the error shown below. Is there a way to not get this error and how do I check my pros CLI version? Or should I ignore this error and refer to the “update PROS CLI” button instead?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

The command pros upgrade is used for updating the versions for templates and the kernel in your PROS project, not the CLI version. You can check your cli version with the command pros --version. You can also check the versions of templates and the kernel in your project with the command pros c info-project. Hope this helps!

EDIT: I was incorrect. The command pros c upgrade is used for updating template/kernel versions. The command pros upgrade is a WIP feature that was not completed, nor is being actively worked on.


All those commands got me what I needed (I think). Turns out the kernel is version 3.7.0, which is the current one. Also my extension is already updated to v0.4.2, and okapilib is version 4.8.0.
So my final question is… running “pros --version” gives 3.3.3. Is this the version of the CLI/toolchain I am using, and if not, would you happen to know what that means? Other than that, thank you for the info and I hope everything is up to date now.

3.3.3 is the version of the CLI. The toolchain is ARM GNU Embedded Toolchain version 10.3-2021.10. Those are both up to date. You can view all CLI releases here. CLI v3.4.0 and VSCode v0.5.0 will release soon :tm:.


That TM has been bothering me ever since I saw the sometime this summer TM.