Error when running pros make on Fedora 36


Just trying to get setup with my Brain, I’m running pros on a Linux laptop (running Fedora 36 (Workstation)). I can see the brain under pros lsusb and have created an example project using pros. I believe I have installed all the listed dependencies from the pros documentation.

Here is the output I get from running a pros make command:

[seth@sethwork vex]$ pros make
Compiled src/main.cpp [ERRORS]
In file included from ./include/api.h:23,
                 from ./include/main.h:37,
                 from src/main.cpp:1:
make: *** [ bin/main.cpp.o] Error 1
/usr/arm-none-eabi/include/c++/12.2.0/cerrno:42:10: fatal error: errno.h: No such file or directory
ERROR - - Failed to make project: Exit Code 2
Error: Failed to build
   42 | #include <errno.h>
      |          ^~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
Sentry is attempting to send 1 pending error messages
Waiting up to 2 seconds

I get that something is missing, but is it as simple as a new path variable or do I need to download/install something else?

Would anyone be able to let me know roughly what I need to do to get this sorted so I can compile my program? Thank you.