ERROR WITH NEW VexCode Blocks on Chromebook

Which firewall setting might it be? Seems to work with mac book pros just have an issue with the ipads

Mac and PC have “local” compilers and don’t require internet connectivity. Only Chromebooks and iPads require internet to compile the project to “robot code”. If it’s working at home, but not school/hotspot, it’s likely being blocked. Here’s the address : port that needs to be available -

IQ Blocks - Cloud Compiler:
Host :
Port : 5636


If you set the port to 80, which is http standard, then you will have much less headache with the firewalls.

You can run server on two ports: 5636 for the old clients and on 80 for the new.

He probably doesn’t control the schools ports, that would be his IT department.

Is there a simple “ping” command I can use on the Chromebook to check if I can reach the cloud server?

I’m also getting an error when I try and download my latest VEXCODE program to the VEXiq Brain.

I do have internet access when this happens (Working from home using school provided Chromebook)…

The “Brain” icon is green… And I’m getting good data from the Brain…


Have you gone through everything here?: ERROR WITH NEW VexCode Blocks on Chromebook

Any update on this issue

He stated in his post:

Are you looking for more of an update on this issue?

Same problem today at our meeting. Checked everything. No firewalls, even tried a hotspot. So no one could download any code.
Tried different laptops, robots, etc. Same error and unable to work.

As much as I REALLY want to be able to use this program for my teams, we may have to use something else. Sadly, we have Chromebooks so have to find what works (we used to use ModKit) .
It makes me very nervous this could happen at a competition and then we are stuck.
So having the entire thing cloud/internet based is worrisome, beside the issues we keep having.

We had a bit of unexpected downtime about 15 minutes ago, but all servers are up and running at the moment.

Our goal moving forward is to get a local compiler so internet is not needed - I agree it’s less than ideal, but it’s better than not having anything running on a Chromebook at the moment.

Do you have a time frame on having a local compiler?

As I mentioned, I like the program, especially for new programmers and want to be able to use it, but to be stopped from being able to make any progress for most of a meeting due a server being down (which has happened more than once) is not a good thing when we have limited time.
And of course if it were to be at a competition? That would be a disaster.

Is the server up? My students could compile this morning but it won’t let me compliment now.

I was using the chromebook app all day today with my students, and it just started giving me this message for the last period?

Is this issue being resolved?

Our status website indicates the VEX IQ server is down. We’re working on restoring this ASAP.

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@josh.olson - Server should be back up and running. Thanks!

Anyone else still having a problem with the vex compiler on the chromebooks? I’m receiving the error that the compiler has timed out. It works fine if I connect to a private network but connected to my schools network it doesn’t work and times out. I had set the Chromebook I was using as an internal ignore so my webfilter through lightspeed should not be a factor. Just wondering if others have had a similar issue and what the outcome was.

Take a look at our utility to help troubleshoot these issues for IT Admins… sounds like your school network is blocking traffic.

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I’m having what is described here as issue 3 - the brain never turns green on the VEXcode which is running on a Chromebook. Does anyone know the specific policy that is causing my issue. I have checked the USB cable and tried multiple ports.


Mr. B.

Can you provide which Chromebook model you’re using?

Also, are there any administrator system-wide settings (i.e. a school managed Chromebook) that may be blocking access to the USB ports?

Thanks for your help. We are using Lenovo N23 Chromebooks. There are not global USB restrictions - we have used Lego Mindstorms and BBC Microbits without issue.