Errors between VEX v5 pro windows and macOS editions

I have recently switched from a windows computer to a mac, but my vex code files are having issues as the debugger states that statements like #include “vex.h” and using namespace vex are wrong. So I guess my question is what could be causing this issue? is there a difference between the mac, and windows versions? did my code copy over incorrectly? if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t believe there is a difference between a Mac and a PC as I have used both and copied code from one machine to another. It could be a version issues where you have an old version on your windows computer and a new version of vex code on your Mac.

Turns out I had some issues with the files transferring over, I just needed to reinstall my code. However it does not save in the recents when you open vex v5 pro.