Here’s a new game for everyone who likes a challenge. Let me know what the longest and shortest time that you get is. Let’s see who has the most skill.:stuck_out_tongue:

i got 8.22 seconds on my laptop, hard to do on a laptop
if you hit the wall you die as well, right?

i lasted 17 sec.

Yea you die if you hit the wall. My longest record is 34 seconds. My record for going the shortest is .011 seconds.:smiley:

34 SECONDS! that great

My longest 22 and my shortest .011

Record Short: 0.010 (15 minutes of attempts):smiley: :cool:

I just got 29.374 seconds:p

i got 16.859 seconds on the 10th try
scratch that 21.922 on the 20th try

ok on my desktop i got 28.92 seconds

I got 0.006 for my shortest now.

Do you have a wireless mouse? mine has a wire and is not the greatest mouse ever.

I do not have a wireless mouse. I’ve tried to get .006 again, but I cannot. I have been able to get .011 alot now.

I just got 8.14 seconds with my eyes closed(literally):cool:

Let it be known now and for posterity that I, cblightbulb, just got 37.12 seconds on the Escape game.:cool: :cool: :cool: :smiley:
Ownage, minion!!!

Lol forgot to post that I got 38.729 seconds in study hall…:stuck_out_tongue:

i believe he just told you off…lol

ugh the highest i can get is 21 seconds is exact :mad:

I just got 23 seconds

Yeal… well… you’re short:p