Essential Tools for Work Over the Summer?

What would be an essential list of parts, tools, etc that would sustain repairs, etc over the summer? Our robot is already built but we still need to code.

Allen keys
Batteries and chargers
Spare parts such as metal, screws, nuts, spacers, shafts, etc.
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Someone can probably add onto this list if they have more ideas.
Also, since you are done, maybe you can work on your design/engineering book.
Good luck on your robot!

  • A Dremel

Safety glasses.

I believe the correct spelling is Dremel, but I’m not sure.

Wrenches and clamps my favorite tools.

A drill

A bearing, that can be structural.

@Zach929Y Lol, you should ask @Not12G about those

Snacks, caffeine, memes, and an internet access

Yep, lol, I was tired.