...Essentially, just discussing all the SGs? idek

The Game Manual is a really nice resource in order to learn this year’s rules. Heck, this year’s game manual has been praised over past years, and I agree; this year’s manual is just much more detailed than that of SS or ITZ. However, there have been some questions on these forums about material already answered in the Game Manual. So, I will go through all 12 SG rules and discuss common questions that have popped up on the forums over the past 20 days. If I make a mistake anywhere, someone please correct me.

If you have a question relating to the gameplay itself, from what I have seen, the majority of questions are answered by a careful reading of <SG2>, <SG3>, <SG4>, or <SG7>. Not always, but most likely.

This is essentially the same rule as last year. Just think of the cone as a ball, and you are fine.

Now, this next rule is really important. ** If you interfere with a match AT ALL by breaking <SG2>, you just earned yourself a disqualification. The usual “Match Affecting” ideology does not apply here; you just get a DQ and 0 points for that qualifying match, or just cost your alliance the rest of your elimination matches. **

Again, this was the same case last year. With Vex U, the robot has a larger cube to fit in. However, the subsections of this rule have caused much confusion around these points.

Here is an image on what is and isn’t the Expansion Zone. This image can be found on page 6 of the game manual.

Exclusively in this place, you may go higher than 18". In layman’s terms, “If you’re close to the poles, you’re fine to expand upwards”. It’s more technical than that, but honestly, not by that much.

This is in reference to a ruling last year, where the rule was to fit within a cylinder. This implies that ANY horizontal direction, not just strictly the x and y axes of your robot, so diagonals should count.

This is important. This is reaffirmed later on rule <SG7a>:

I remember at least two people suggesting ideas about hitting the flags by expanding outside of the Expansion Zone. There is literally no way of doing this without breaking this rule, but just to make sure, there you go.

Here is another diagram from page 5 of the manual, indicating where the autonomous line is.

Essentially, please do not ram into me like 80% of the defensive autonomous programs in ITZ. If you do, you will lose the autonomous period.

I think this is the closest rule we are going to get to prove that descoring caps is legal without an official Q & A answer. However, note 1 cap and 2 balls. Please do not try to possess all 8 caps at one time, as that is illegal.

Now, I will go over the definition of “hoarding”, as it has changed from last year’s game.

No, this does not exclude you from actively blocking access to a game object near the poles. However, I would seriously like to watch you try without breaking a rule. Note that you are allowed to hoard

game object, so if have the other six caps on poles and don’t want the last couple to fall into the hands of others, by all means.

Note that this rule was in last year’s manual as <SG12>. However, cone launchers to attempt to mess up one’s autonomous routine were allowed. I don’t see why you can’t do the same with a ball, but at the same time, if your robot can launch a ball and have static friction resist your change in momentum, most likely the other robot will also.

Another example would be possessing two caps by stacking one on top of the other and only holding the bottom one. Yet another would be possessing more than two balls.

Note one intent from this rule is to make it harder to descore a cap from a pole by just knocking it off. If you have a significant lead, just don’t throw all the balls out of the field on purpose. There’s a net behind the flags, so don’t worry.

I was talking to a junior high team the day we traveled home from worlds, and they actually came up with that strategy. Nice thinking, but it’s illegal.

Hanging from the center platform? Eh. I’m leaning toward no, as you would probably react to both the top by a hanging claw and the side by your robot. That is not an official ruling, but I don’t see a way to do it without making some damage appear. Edit: Although there may be other ways of dangling off without breaking this rule, see below.

Please don’t think the net is a death trap to throw other people into, and be careful around the net.

Honestly, I have seen teams at worlds that adjusted the locations of cones in order to make their autonomous work better. That was technically not allowed, and for sure it isn’t allowed here.

…Someone that has a question, please read this, so I didn’t just waste time making this.

So you’re saying the rules say you can’t react to the top of the platform and a single one of its sides? If you can’t do that, how to you drive up onto it? You’d pretty much need metal skids to slide on, which would be more likely to damage the platform. Something is definitely off with this interpretation.

Sorry, no questions, but it was really helpful. Thanks!

There has already been a thread about this. https://vexforum.com/t/commonly-asked-questions-new-teams-look-here/43319/1 its also been stickied so that its at the top of the forum before you sign in

I would prefer to have a sticky when people are loggedin that NEVER goes away :slight_smile:

yeah me to, however unless @DRow knows a way that i dont, then were stuck with the current system. Another way to fix it would be regular posts on the thread.

This thread isn’t about this, did you read it? The thread you linked is general advice for new teams, this thread is an overview of the Turning point Specific game rules, none of which are mentioned in the thread you linked…

The rules say that you are not supposed to react to multiple sides “in an effort to latch or clamp onto said Field Element”. Driving over your alliance platform to get onto the center platform isn’t trying to clamp onto the yellow platform. The only way I see right now to hang would be to have some sort of hook to latch onto the yellow tubing, and if someone tried hanging off the center platform, and if I were the referee with the rules in its current state, I would call an <SG10> violation against them, with the logic of contacting multiple sides, that being the top via the hook, and the side via the robot brushing against it.

First, you can hang by just lowering an arm down onto the platform, moving your robot upward if you use enough force. You don’t really need to even touch the side, though it’s likely you would.

Second, part of this rule is, as you quoted, “in an effort to latch or clamp onto said Field Element.” For exactly the same reason you’re saying driving up and reacting to multiple sides is legal, so it pressing down on the top of the platform while leaning up against the side of the platform. You’re not clamped/latched onto the platform as can be seen really easily if you move the robot in any of the other four of the six directions (two being pressing it into the platform’s top/side). Really, the issue is that you’re using the only methods you’ve thought of for hanging (which are clamping/latching) to say this rule is against other legal methods for hanging.

I’ll concede to that there may be other ways of hanging off without clamping. My reasoning behind the original statement would be that some people would try to hang by latching onto using something like a hook, something akin to many teams in the mid season for Starstruck.

According to the manual,

You can’t reach the flags while being in the expansion zone. This means you can be no taller than 18" when you’re near the flags and cannot hit them without expanding because they are just above 18 inches off the ground.
So how would you hit them in the first place? Essentially i’m saying that what happens in this clip of the game reveal video is illegal.
EDIT: Tie stamp isn’t working, its at 1:50.

The manual states that the 18.3" is measured from the tiles to the top edge of the flag. You can very easily touch the flags with an 18" robot.

Since the flag itself is 6" tall, the bottom of the flag is at 12.3"

What about powered flight? You could touch the flags without expanding if your robot could fly.

That’s child’s play.

The old programmer on our team wanted to make a warp drive in order to do everything at the speed of light. I’m pretty sure ramming the poles at the speed of light is a good idea.

Honestly, I would call that an <S1> and <G2> violation, but if you could actually, ask the official Q&A.

Personally I was thinking of using a frog bot that just jumps 40 inches vertically.