Ethos of Event Partnering

I had a question about being an event partner for VEX IQ. If this is not the correct forum for this discussion please let me know. When creating a VEX IQ tournament, would creating an event which is exclusive to certain individuals fit with the ethos of VEX IQ? For example, hosting a girls only tournament. Or a tournament for only residence of a single city or geographical location? I have overheard some discussions of this and feel quite uneasy about it. I thought teams could sign up for any competition as long as it is posted on Robot Events? Would anyone like to share their thoughts or insights into the ethos of creating a tournament? I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I can provide an example of doing this. There is a tournament in Indianapolis that is only open to schools in that county, and the event is listed on the Robot Events page, but registration is listed as “Closed”

I believe it’s because the event was part of a grant to assist schools in Indy.

So, it appears this type of thing is allowed within the system.


Thank you for your reply. Your example was very helpful. However, think it would be much clearer if the event partner were to say in the description that “this event is supported by a grant which is intended to promote robotics in the Indianapolis area. Therefore it is only open to Indianapolis teams. Please contact the coordinator if your team is interested in participating”. My difficulty in this is that this statement, however very clear, may make teams question the exclusivity of the event. On the other hand I am all for helping programs out that may not have as many opportunities as others. Here in lies the difficulty.

Hi, I ran over 100 events in the VEX “metal” program. As an event partner you can do pretty much what you want to with the exception of having an event that is your team only. (I was part of a Super Team - we had over 20 robots). I’ve seen closed admission events. But they have always said “xyz County Schools only”, etc. In most cases, as stated above it’s because there is grant money involved. If you have enough “girls only” teams to fill an event, go for it.

If you are concerned about the lack of events, you can hold your own. It’s not hard, you need a field, the game and three parents. You local RECF person can help with the computer scoring software and you are good to go.