Event map posted

Event Map

Might as well get feedback about this year’s competition layout.

From a middle school perspective, it is nice to have the VRC middle school nearer to the high school. Great inspire opportunities.


It looks like some high school teams will have to walk even further between their pits and matches.

I’m very happy that VEXU got moved and is now closer to HS.

Also looks like Freedom Hall is getting rearranged so that more of the seats can be used.

I’m not sure how I feel about the practice fields being broken up. It might make for a shorter walk, but it was nice having them all in one place.

What is the bag toss game?

It’s a game on different zones in the convention center that you can throw sacks from Sack Attack 2013 into hoop-like platforms on the ground. Its mainly to reduce stress from the competition for teams and to fill up empty zones of the convention center

Edit: Posted the wrong link

If i am not mistaken, most of the time the display has something got to do with the new game… field or game elements.

Eg. I remember they had the sacks for us to throw around with and also there was one year that they threw a few beach balls around.

It’s a bit less of a walk for most HS students. Last year, where the middle school fields are were high school divisions and where Vex U was there was a HS division.

HS pits are relatively in the same places with Vex U moving some HS fields more centrally.

My advice, get a cart. Even if it means going to home depot or drop shipping one to your hotel. It is still a long walk, but just not as long for some teams on the edges of the pit areas.

Lots of changes from last year:
-Middle School is now out of Freedom Hall and relocated near high school divisions.
-VEX U has been moved across the arena near the Math and Arts divisions.
-Practice fields split up into sections of 10+
-Inspection moved
-Shirts and Apparel moved next to team registration area

And more… but in general there’s a lot less “free space” in the exposition center because Middle School and VEX U were both moved into last year’s high school area.

I don’t really fancy the practice fields being separated into 2 areas.
It will make scouting a lot more difficult.

And good luck to those teams that have their pits near the arts division but are put into science division (and vice versa) :stuck_out_tongue:

The VEXU division and part of HS pits are further south in the expo center than HS was last year. VEX is using more of the expo center this year

Ah yes I see now. But we can look at reference points that don’t move - the bathrooms. Vex U pretty much got added on to the end and Math may have moved a few feet but not too terribly much.

What did change was the allocation of booths north to south ends and fields in north and south ends. Last year 230 booths were in the north and 224 in the south with 60% of the division fields in the north end.

This year 184 HS booths are in the north end and 334 booths in the south end (I may have gotten cross eyed in my counting of boxes). Two divisions in the north and 3 in the south so 60% of the north teams walk versus 40% of the teams from the south walk.

By my back of the envelope calculations last year 49% of the folks had a long walk. This year 47% have a long walk.

Take that with a grain of salt as I considered the Technology field a long walk for the south end folks. You could refine that further as Technology field is kind of close for some in the south zone. You could map each booth coordinates and do a path analysis for an exact distance and make this even more refined.



So slightly more of an even split this year. More cost for those two additional stadium seats and AV though. They are not cheap.

What does everyone think of the 2 VEXU divisions. Should make eliminations less confusing (don’t even ask me what they did last year). I’m hopeful that there will be enough high quality teams to make 2 divisions worth it.

We’ve had 2 division NZ nationals events for the past 2 years with a little over 30 teams per division and about 11 qualifiation matches. I don’t want to say anything bad about the organizers but honestly it isn’t great. It doesn’t result in every team playing every other team like you’d expect and the randomness sometimes works against you. Great example this year was 7682E (final rank 1) playing against 2915A (final rank 3) twice and neither of them playing against 2918E (final rank 2). With almost everyone going through to eliminations it can be difficult selecting alliance partners.

Well the difference obviously with VEXU is 8 of the 30 go through rather than 24 of 30. Or however many teams they let into eliminations. Not having alliance selection makes breaking up into multiple divisions a simple task.

Well that makes sense and 8 out of 30 doesn’t sound like a problem to me. 24 out of 30ish advancing is undesirable.

I’m glad you brought that up. It seems to make sense with this many teams, but decreases the likelihood that we’ll have exciting VEXU Finals in the stadium like last year. Seems like a larger bracket would make more sense.

A large bracket is what they had last year but I am not sure what you mean by “decreases the likelihood”? The brackets system last year was I believe
1-4 get 3 BYEs
5-8 get 2 BYEs
9-12 get 1 BYE
12-20 get 0 BYEs

I was thinking along the same lines of what @_7682 said

So one of the two best teams is more likely to get knocked out before finals Finals because they might be in the same division.